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The Global Club - Where Commerce, Community and Compassion Meet!

The Global Club is becoming America's premiere membership community comprised of an International "Force For Good."  Volunteers, Nonprofit professionals and members of the "Donor Class" are coming together to bring about change and support to a vast array of "Great Causes" and nonprofits of every imaginable type.  When a new member joins us they get to decide which Nonprofit will receive a large portion of the annual membership dues they pay when they enroll in the Global Club.

Top 5 Reasons to Join The Global Club?

#1.  It's a One-Of-A-Kind.  There is no other club in America quite like The Global Club.  And with that, comes an element of prestige.  Our members are coalescing into an "International Force for Good" and by virtue of being a member, making a "World of Difference."  Knowing you've made a difference, now that's cachet!

#2.  Surround Yourself with Amazing People!  Our members are amazing individuals, if we say so ourselves.  Someone becomes a member because they desire to affect change and improve life for others.  Our members are known as benevolent souls, with an abundance of goodwill and faith in one another and community.  And frankly, there is no other organization that provides the social and professional platform made readily available through The Global Club.

#3.  The Benefits are Incredible!  While our members are outstanding people, no one would blame a member for joining, merely for the benefits alone!  It turns out, the old pearl of wisdom is true: "It is better to give than receive."  Because our members are so generous in their spirit and care for others, corporations all around the country are lining up to reward our members.  As a result, the benefits are beyond generous!  A member who flashes their Global Club Card all around town, will probably be lavished with special acknowledgments from all kind of businesses;  complimentary meals, preferred pricing, special VIP service and invitations to unique events and gatherings around town and throughout the country!  Being a Global Club Cardholder could amount to many thousands of dollars in extended purchasing power for a disciplined Global Club member.

#4.  Uniting to help the causes most "near and dear" to you.  When someone joins The Global Club, a large portion of their membership dues are directed to whichever Nonprofit organization they most wish to support.  You have the power.  The choice is entirely yours.  Earmark a portion of your dues to any organization you choose.  Whether the cause that is most near and dear to you supports arts and culture, medical services, the homeless, animal rights, environmental conservancy, women and children's issues, with over 1.5 million nonprofits in the USA, choose whichever one you think is most deserving.

#5.  Socially and Professionally, wherever you go, we hope to grow.  With our roots in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, we are seeing our membership rolls continue to expand.  As more members join us, our Calendar of Events will grow as well.  Our goal is that when a member travels outside of their home Global Club chapter, wherever they go, they will find another chapter that will welcome them.  In that sense, a Global Club member will never have to be alone, no matter where they roam.

  • Enjoy an extensive range of discounts and benefits in categories such as restaurants, retail, travel, entertainment, fitness, lawyers, doctors and countless other merchants and service providers.
  • You get to decide which nonprofit will benefit from your membership fee! You SAVE and GIVE at the same time!
  • Be a part of a company that is DEDICATED to enriching communities from coast to coast by awarding its members with discounts, merchants with customers, and nonprofit organizations with donations.

We Put Meaning into your Membership and Purpose into your Purchasing-Power!

The Global Club Qualifications For Membership.

Our goal at the Global Club is to change and improve the world, one transaction at a time.

We are in the process of building America’s premiere membership-based organization that unites three distinct and unique types of people;

1) America’s Volunteer community which tirelessly donates their time and efforts, spending countless hours away from their family and friends to help support our communities;

2) the many dedicated professionals who devote themselves to working in the nonprofit sector, supporting and lifting up the many great causes that seek to remedy the ills of the world; and

3) the donors and philanthropists who give the financial aid necessary to advance the missions and support the services that are created. We all have an important role we play in making the world a better place and no other club so exemplifies the gathering of this unique collection of individuals.  If -- IF you have not been a donor in the past to the great causes that need our help, this is your chance.  By virtue of joining The Global Club now, you will enter the ranks of the  Donor Class.  Congratulations!

Without these three unique groups of people, all of whom embody the very definition of benevolence and generosity of spirit, the world would face much more grim circumstances. Fortunately, that is not the case and the amazing membership that embodies our organization, raise us all, lifting our communities so that they can be stronger, healthier and happier places that we can all call home! The members of the Global Club are exactly those kind-hearted and giving souls. Our members are those whom together, we can say, are making a world of difference. The Global Club honors your spirit, your actions and we applaud your example! Welcome!

By uniting in one group, we are able to generate tremendous resources to support the great causes and nonprofits that operate all across the USA, allowing them to fulfill their missions and expand upon their services.

The Rewards Of Membership.

As a result of our members’ abundant community spirit and leading by example, the business community, merchants and other service providers are stepping forward to reward our members for their generous goodwill.  From the most vast array of businesses one can imagine, merchants, restaurateurs and other business owners are stepping forward and rewarding our members with amazing offers, preferred pricing and VIP services. Especially since our members join for all the right reasons, it is rewarding to know the community appreciates their dedication to helping others. In the process of this one act of kindness, paying-it-forward and believing in supporting one another, our members – in return – are rewarding the business owners, by extending their ongoing patronage and loyalty as a customer.

Here is the bottom line: WE ALL BELIEVE! Community is all about taking care of one another. It’s “All for one and one for all,” and we can guarantee – our members will go out of their way to reward our fellow Global Club Merchant-Partners by patronizing the businesses that support us!

That’s what the Global Club is really all about! It’s coming together to make the world a better place. And that no matter where we are, we can – and will – find ourselves in the company of other like-minded souls.

So we encourage you to become a member! And see what the world has in store for you.

"If you're into sports, a profession or a religion, there's a club for that. If you're a college alum, have a cultural affinity or wanting to celebrate ethnic heritage, there are clubs for that as well! We thought it was time for America to have a club that brought together the most amazing kind of persons we know of; a club for America's volunteers, Nonprofit professionals and the many donors and philanthropists -- all benevolent souls who give so much of themselves to make the world a better place. It's a club comprised of members who want to make the world a better place; a collection of people who want to make a world of difference and to be a force for good." This was the beginning of The Global Club. It was the belief that wherever we are, all communities have challenges and by coming together, we can assemble the resources to rectify these issues. Join us and play your part. We look forward to welcoming you!

As a member of The Global Club, here are our goals for you:

1) Wherever you roam, you will always find other fellow members. Whether at home or in a strange and distant city, we will have a Calendar of Events that will open doors for you and provide comfortable and familiar options for professional networking and social outings. Our expectation is that our events and happenings will enhance your lifestyle and make your experiences all the richer.

2) Whatever you might be looking for in the way of consumer goods and services, we strive to be certain our Membership Benefits will suit your needs. Whether you want to take advantage of the amazing offerings provided by our Merchant-Partners or seek out a specialized service we make available for you, we trust you will utilize the vast array of benefits we have arranged for our members. Whatever you need and whenever you want it... that's our objective. Let The Global Club be your passport to first-class service, preferred pricing, and special offers and incentives.

When you flash The Global Club card, it says you're a member of our "Global Force for Good," it says you're a person who cares and with that, comes an unspoken cachet. We're building a club with absolutely awesome privileges, to use and be available at your pleasure.